Our Story



Like many other young girls I pursued my education in Masters of French, got lucky with my hard work & landed in Paris for my final semester. I was on cloud 9 as everything went like planned and the icing was a decent 9 to 5 job in my hand by the end of it all.

Everything looked fine and perfect however, I constantly felt a professional void and a feeling of incompleteness surrounding me for the longest time.

Life continued and I got married to my childhood sweetheart but still the struggle of Professional introspection continued. “Is this it ?” and “what I am really doing”??

I remember sitting at my corporate job desk, and only having random gazillion thoughts and billion ideas of how can I ever work for something that I can call “MY OWN”

And then like its said, what is meant to come your way, will arrive one fine day. One day I spontaneously decided to take up an exhibition which was promoting homegrown brands in Delhi.

My husband’s family business is into bags, so at first I was a bit apprehensive that being an independent individual all my life, if I decide to get into his family business, I might loose my individuality and may not ever be able to call Kainiche my own. My husband then proposed me that why not I begin with investing my own savings and build a brand of my own. We chose to keep things very professional.


He, along with my family, believed in me more than I believed in myself. I invested my monetary efforts combined with my marketing skills and the exhibition went great. I Received great amount of compliments but what I achieved the most was the golden key to my longing search. 

I immediately quit my job and took up to build Kainiche , the brand of my dreams and vision. 

Working at Kainiche has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride (little challenging but a  fun ride). 

Right from finding the karigaars to picking the perfect designs, right colors, packaging, marketing and everything so that I  can provide one of the best experience to you. 

Even though we started very small taking baby steps each day & enjoyed every achievement big or small, it kept boosting our confidence & belief of building a brand loved by you guys. 

Its been such an overwhelming feeling personally to see so many influencers and celebrities loving our products and finding them as a keep.

But the journey continues, with much more resilience, self belief & immense gratitude.